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good morning. it is 6:00 here on this thanksgiving thursday november 22nd. glide memorial is ready for the meal. we'll go out there live and see how preparations are going this morning. >> and checking in with holiday shopping people are concentrating on christmas. the line is growing outside of this best buy. we'll check in for a report coming up. if you are planning out to stand in line or going to be about getting with friends and family. the weather will be nice. it is going to be a nice one but it is cold now cooler than 24 hours ago temperatures similar to yesterday. and the sky we'll see more
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sunshine. clear will persist into the evening hours. and if you are headed out, temperatures dropped. and 40 now in napa. where they will go. that's coming up in the next report. traffic is light. traffic heading into san francisco. it has been trouble free all morning. the commute time into downtown still under 10 minutes. the rest of the area doing fine. it is light, heading to the airport up and down the peninsula and heading to sfo and 92. here is a tripling look outside. golden gate and san mateo. lots of people taking to the
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roads as they head outs to visit friends and family on this thanksgiving. so, we have some impressive numbers to talk about 90% of the americans traveling this thanksgiving holiday will do it on the roads. they will be driving. could you have company today. here the chp will step up patrols to make sure everything is driving safely. make sure you know what the speed limit is. >> preparations are in the final stages here as can you see. volunteers showing up for their annual thanksgiving day meal. we have our reporter out there giving us a live shod. mike, it looks like it is runners at the start line getting ready to go. >> we have a lot going on. and happy thanksgiving to you. volunteers are filtering in to carve up the meals. 500 of them are expected here
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to help make all this happen here today. this is the preparation room kind of where the magic happens. can you see the vegetables there. there are turkies. it is hard to see through the volunteers. and some there on the tables behind these volunteers. can you see they are carving already. and there are a lot of people in need this year. glide will hand out 5000 here today. and the arrivals it rivals anything you will find, turkey, ham, cressing, sweet potatoes, cake, ice cream on the menu. those here tell me the need and the line will be very long. take a listen. >> we have been seeing it over the last few years that the need of seniors. so the seniors in san francisco. they are struggling. fixed incomes. they are spending their money on
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housing. that's surprising. >> a great need all around. this starts at 9:00 even though you are seeing the volunteers prepare the meals now. they will not hope the church here until 9:00. can you come in and getting those meals. anyone can come here and get a meal. they will keep the doors open until 2:00. they expect to prepare 5000. and if they go through, they will have the boxed lunches. anyone here will get a meal and maybe something a slice of thanksgiving that they would not get else where. >> thank you for that. >> we'll visit with mike throughout the morning and getting things underway here for the turkey dinner. mark. in thank you. only 33 days until christmas. people are lining up in the area for the black friday deals that are starting earlier than ever at many stores. let's go to our solo reporter where people have been lining up outside of the best buy.
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jacky. >> good morning to you. people are lined up out here. there are a dozen lined up. some are in sleeping bags. others in tents waiting to get in this store. it does not open until midnight tonight they have a long weight here. this was shot on monday morning at the best buy there. can you see there are 3 or 4 tnts set up. and now people are showing up earlier. they hope to save # hundred dollars 16,789,000. that's why they do it. and they like the community of hanging out for a couple of days. i talked to a person earlier this morning. he explained why. >> 40-inch flat screen going
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for 170. we'll get it for a christmas present for my wife. >> is she wondering where you are this morning. >> she is at home pregnant so she has family there. i had to work this morning early. i'm at work. not in line. >> now that is dedication mark, i don't know but if my wife was pregnant and thanksgiving, there is no way i would be getting out of the house. he is out here right now. he has, i don't know about 15, 16 hours to go before they open. it is cold. it is probably in the 30s. they don't care they want the deals. >> if she is watching he is in trouble f high does we may have some new video coming up later. >> we'll check back as the line grows. we want to you know about the stores opening up as for a
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lot of families. >> transition is turkey, football and out to the stores. we have k mart opening up. a target is opening at 9:00 best buy at midnight. the bay area the malls are opening up. and stone ridge. a lot of stores to pick from. not everyone is happy about wal-mart opening, we're talking about the employees. this is video from last month and a similar scene. those are the areas where they will be organizing. bit now they are thinking you
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know what, we need improved conditions as well. we'll talk more about that. and wal-marts had issued a statement and they will being ad by the protests if they happen. and they will be operating and they will not see anything unusual but, quote. so the-called protests a handful of associates and most of the protesters. that will be one of the stories we're following. we'll be back. the public beach is closed. what it is like in the south bay.
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we're back here on the morning news watching live images out of new york city as the 86th annual mac. why's thanksgiving day parade has kicked off. looking to some new additions in terms of the balloons. this very the hello kitty. papasmurf will make his debut. and a lot of people have come out to watch it.
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3.5million people to line the route there 567,890,000,000 will be watching it on television this year. and it is following a new route. it will skip time square. they are not happy about it. they will bypass the square and proceed down sixth avenue before culminating at the flagship store. they are setting up 5000 seats at the route for families affected by sandy. and make sure the people have a little bit of entertainment today. considering the hardships they have been facing. we'll be watching those shots. let's bring it here to the bay area. we want to update you on a situation of ocean beach a segment is closed as crews try to clean up a sewage discharge. they say that it came from a
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manhole near great highway and balboa. they spotted it yesterday. and the department of public works say the beach has no swimming advisory as officials say 90% of the discharge was rain water. they don't have any reports of foul odors but that discharge is on the sand of that beach and on a promenade. no word when they will get that done. well, reporting this morning in the news room. >> we're following a story about another death from eating toxic mushrooms. this at this senior care facility. this is here at the golden age villa. officials saying that the third person dying on saturday. the home called monday to report on the death. and two other people have died thraoerbgs others sick. they ate the soup made with toxic mushrooms back on november 8th. the care taker who made it
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picked the mushrooms from a backyard and did not know they were poisonous. >> thank you for that. next, and we'll bring you the latest from the middle east. is the ceasefire holding? we'll let you know and update you on the situation in syria. walnut creek this morning. it is cold in the creek. 44, looking for a warm up of 20 later this afternoon.
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we're following a developing story. we have video of people celebrating here in gaza city as the ceasefire is holding for now between israel and the palestinians. this is after eight days of fighting t started with militants firing rockets into israel and than israel with air- strikes. 160 people have been killed. and shortly after the ceasefire went into effect, we had gaza firing rockets but no response. nobody injured. since then things have been peaceful. we have video of the secretary of state who negotiated the ceasefire from egypt. it is egypt who is controlling the ceasefire from the gaza strip. and they have been fired.
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they are asking the palestinians to stop the hostilitys there. they will not retaliate. and hamas is claiming responsibility a fragile ceasefire but it is holding for now. this is a similar situation here. and with hamas firing the rockets into israel. at that point t conducted a ground invasion. and right now the cease fire is -- the ceasefire is holding. >> well the latest now out of syria where the planes have bombed a building next to a hospital killing 15 people. that hospital is one of the last remaining sources of medical help for civilians. and it is run by volunteer staff who oppose the regime. the rebels seized a base in the east side of the country. back here in the bay area. we're following the weather
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here on this thanksgiving thursday. look how clear the skies are. and that's really a large reason why we're seeing the temperatures. none of the heat was trapped in. and it is chilly. and stay there until dinner if you are headed outside expect the cool temperatures. dress in layers. 30s and mid40s out the door and oakland a cold start at 44 degrees. and one of the milder spots. check you out at 50 out the door. now the future cast. high rights later. we're talking 30s and 40s. sunshine and the green indicates where we will see the 60s. and the 50s fill in as we head into 7 a.m. tonight. and the afternoon highs.
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and the companies very similar to yet. we will not see the clouds. and 64 on top. and 66 for pretty much the same thest bay. to the north bay we go 64 here. and the high at 66 degrees. >> and we have high pressure building in over the west. we will not see much. >> and temperatures will be warmer. see that for yourself around the forecast. the warmest of the week the 70s. cooler by sunday we have the potential for rain.
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that is wednesday into thursday. that's item weather. happy thanksgiving, robin. >> same to you, erica. driving out there and getting ready to head out or shopping a couple of slow spots. what is going on out there. here is flooding at 680. northbound and it was on the off ramp two hours ago t flooded. so they have crews on the scene. so far it's not causing a delay. can you get by the closure trouble free. both sides looking good and the south bay. keep that in mind. tough happen off after that. >> and 580 a little slow. this is the commute. we have slow traffic on the stretch during this time of morning. as you merge from 205 on to westbound 580. you can see speeds dropping
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there. a bit of slow traffic and west 4. it is through that zone that picks up by the time you go out to 680. heading to sfo the ride on 101 checking in trouble free. no problems for the peninsula. and less than 10 minutes for the ride doing just fine. a good commute here. and quick mention of bart. there operating on a sunday schedule today. that's a good option. >> thank you. a quick update on traffic here as well. 580 is back open. and can you see here. they were disclosed off with
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flares. the investigate was related to two sects in two weeks no victims were hit. >> the port of oakland has hired a former member of the city council. and now the port oversees the seaport. but it overseas the airport and water front. now let's go to the south bay. a hit-and-run driver. >> and a pedestrian was killed at jackson in oakland. he was hit bay second driver who stopped. he said that he was not in the swos walk. it was a sedan. this is the ninth pedestrian hit this year. >> we'll take a break.
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6:23. a preview of what is news in theaters. ear is a look. , three and a half million people lining the streets there in new york.
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we're back. some of the new movies coming out include a story about the making of alfred hitchcock's psycho. and santa and the easter bunny saving the world. we have a preview in now showing. >> the director ang lee brings the life of pi to the screen. it is a coming of age story about a zookeeper's son who survive as shipwreck and left alone with a tiger on a boat. the life of pi is rated pg. anthony hopkins is alfred hitchcock in a movie about the director. it is set during psycho in 1959. >> more anger. it follows his relationship with his wife and partner played by healen mirren.
6:28 am
>> kill her off after 30 minutes. >> and it is rated pg 13. >> there he is, jack frost. >> santa. wow. in rise of the -- rise of the guardians he teams up with the heroes of the children's imagination. they're on a mission to keep an evil spirit from taking over the world. rise of the guardians is pg. for now showing. all right we'll take break here at 6:27. next the latest from glide memorial as can you see. volunteers now working to get all the dinners ready for the crowds that are expected to arrive. we'll get the latest next. @ñ
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it is 6:30 here. what weather and the roads are looking like this morning.
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good morning and happy thanksgiving to you. it is cold out there. bundle up. keep a scarf handy. temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. clear conditions above. we will see the temperatures similar to yesterday. they will drop into the 50s and slightly warmer as we head into tomorrow. several a look and thanksgiving and black friday forecast coming up in a bit. at 6:30 time for traffic with robin. >> thank you and good morning. nice light traffic around the area here on this thanksgiving holiday. no problems or hot spots. here is a look from the bridge. traveling between downtown san francisco and the north bay doing fine. it will take you 27 minutes to get into san francisco if you are coming out of the bay. trouble free and light and traffic is looking good on the peninsula. it is looking good.
6:32 am
and 101 and 92 checking in. no reports from the north bay a full check coming up in a bit. >> thank you for that. >> preparations are well underway here at glide memorial. i was looking at the shots. and out there and a look here. they they are going to town on the turkies. >> this rein full effect. >> we'll talk to a volunteer. and this time. >> i have been here for breakfast during the year. >> so what is the difference between volunteering for thanksgiving and then every day kind of volunteering. >> every day you get to
6:33 am
interact with the people and get the services from glide. you see the same and that care and then the fact that you are need year around. >> why did you volunteer? >> i am here with my boyfriend. >> there are a lot of people coming here yearly and we have another volunteer here. >> and come to. some of the things through thankful for this year. >> i'm blessed to have a job and being a part of the
6:34 am
community. >> they can volunteer on the special cases. >> and just volunteer and on line it starts at 7. they have the dinner and they will pass over bagged lunches. >> i saw it on the left. all the turkies stacked up that had been cooked up for carving. do you remember where they cook it. they do cook some but they start since last week. they told me and the turkies.
6:35 am
>> and be able to serve the community. >> i wish i could have volunteered for me. >> they have to get underway for me as well. >> they have a toy drive that's something they want to remind people on december 22nd. they have the toy drive. , that's another thing to help out here. and more are opening up on thanksgiving night. to get you to faster. >> reporter: good morning. there is a person wrapped up in
6:36 am
that sleeping bag that you see there. it is cold out. i'm at the best buy. can you see them moving around. you have a long way to go. he has 17 and a half hours to go. and out here before and the first person in line got in line last night at around 6:30. the store opens at midnight tonight. they are open earlier. people are lining up earlier and earlier to get those deals. i was over in pinole on monday, people lined up over there on sunday night. they had a long wait. and they had less of a wait. they want to get them. i had a chance to talk to people about what they wanted to get and why they were willing to wait. >> we came out because we drove by and saw the line. and get line for the door busters. i need to get the x-box 360.
6:37 am
>> need? >> i need it. i need a new x-box. the got here at 10:30 on sunday night. maybe over 24 hours. roughly. give or take. >> it is cold out here. >> i grew up in massachusetts. >> this isn't cold. >> i don't care, it is cold out here this morning, mark. the tents and bags are needed. and i expect to probably see more and more people show up as it goes on. and you get out about 6, 7:00 on thanksgiving night. everyone had their thanksgiving dinner then you see people lining up for that black friday sales. now we're seeing it earlier and earlier. and it looks like they are expecting more people because of the stretch around the corner. >> and thanksgiving is early, it is 33 days until christmas. and a long shopping season. >> the fate of the twinkie has been decided yesterday it was a judge that went ahead and
6:38 am
approved a request to liquidate the brands. it is after to end a pay dispute failed. the move allows the company to sell off the recipes and bakeries to the highest bidder. the operations shut down following several days of strikes from the employees who opposed the wage and benefit cuts being offered. dozens of bakeries and centers now will shut their doors and more than 18,000 jobs are lost during the holiday season. and we'll take a break. 6:37. let's go out to new york we're watching the thanksgiving day parade get underway. and taking part as are 3 and a half million spectators lining the route that works through new york city. we are looking for big coverage watching pat raid this morning. we'll be right back. the new color changing candle from air wick,
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we're back and a live look here at the bridge on this thursday, we're seeing 40s around the bay this morning. look for highs. plenty. >> and getting the start. and. >> it is not based on the alex smith's studies. and limited in practice and yet to be cleared to play in a game. and an impressive start ands ting two touchdowns. and no interception -- interceptions. and from his offensive teammates on monday night. he is the starting quarterback now for the san francisco
6:43 am
49ers. alex smith on the bench. 0ñ@ñ
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we're back live pictures out of new york city where pat raid is underway. sponge bob is there in the background. the big balloons are out and taking their debut. and a lot of people excited at the pageantry. lady liberty will not get visitors for the rest of the year. the park service said there is enough damage from sandy they need to keep it closed until they can make the repairs. some of the problems include damage or danger i should say of falling. there are a lost bricks on the ground. there is damage to screening areas, they need those up and
6:47 am
running t caused flooding and buckled floors and windows. it's not clear when the improvements will be done we'll let you know. and the postal service is starting premium service. they will do same day delivery. this will be a trial run. if they they will expand it to cities like boston. showing. new york. this is following efforts. it will build on the growth that they had in package volume. the price for the next day delivery will be about $10. >> very good. now let's get a update on weather. cold to start but a nice day ahead. >> you bet. good morning to you. it is clear now that's why it is so cold. clouds are not sticking around to trap the heat in. so we do see a couple of spots in the 40s and the 30s.
6:48 am
satellite and radar showing high pressure gaining control here w that we'll see the clear skies. sunshine into the afternoon. >> as we look at the st. petersburgs -- temperatures 39 and santa rosa. and east bay shoreline and 41 waking up in pleasianton. the highs will be in the 60s. everyone in the same boat there 64 for san francisco. and 66 over in napa. livermore climbing to 65 and 66 expected in san jose. as we take a look at your thanksgiving forecast by dinner time, it will start off sunny and it will get darker but we anticipate clearer skies in the 60s a pleasant day on top around the bay area. as we look ahead here on the 7 day around the bay forecast. it will be dry for everyone waiting in line on black friday. saturday looks to be warmer and
6:49 am
some of your highs could be in the 70s. cooler as we start the next work week. >> i have been checking the extended models. and so that is something that we will track for you but at 6:48 we're on to traffic now. good morning. >> good morning to you. let's take a look at traffic heading through milpitas. and right at the off ramp. the crews on the scene, cleaning up after flooding. there is lots of mud across the lanes. they are open it was shut down completely. this is going on since 3:00. now you have the two right lanes closed. 680. give yourself extra time if you are traveling along that stretch. traffic is looking better on 580 and heading through the pass. the drive time is not too bad a
6:50 am
small stretch of traffic. and checking the commute through antioch a little traffic. once you get out to concord, you are fine. 20 minutes for your drive time. up to 680 as you head on into concord. and checking traffic. still light and easy here for you at the toll plaza. and less than 10 minutes from the maze into downtown. and doing just fine at the limit in both directions of 92. we'll head out to the golden gate bridge where it has been smooth out of san francisco. a quick reminder bart will be operating on a sunday service. service at 8:00. that's a good option if you want to avoid driving. >> robin thank you. on to the national news, the deadly outbreak of meningitis linked to tainted
6:51 am
steroids is approaching 500 cases. and it has been two months. it is unclear if it peaked. they are developing the secondary infections and that has prompted another effort and those who received the shots. 34 people have died from the shots. toyota is recalling about 150,000 pickups because of spare tires that can fall. the trucks are the 2001 and 2004 model years. they were sold or registered in 20 cold weather states. the plate to hold the tire can rust after exposure to road salt. they can break off us thatting them to fall to the ground. they will inspect those that need to be replaced. bad news now for sowny and
6:52 am
panasonic. both companies are facing weakness in their business. sowny has not turned a profit in four years making it a possible take over target. and the share price has fallen since march. there was a silver lining. panasonic is on the right track in the restructuring. if you need help in the kitchen today. some smart phone and tablet apps can make it easier for you if not more fun. , for those tasked with hosting a meal give thanks forthose making tooking easier. the menu maker app does just what it is implies. recipes range from start tories desserts. create a list of ingredients and a schedule of what to we and what to took. there is a 911 feature with the common day doubles and how to
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fix them. and cooks can try the chow coach. the app has instructions for the most popular dishes from buying items in the market to stuffing them in the oven. and the recipes ap instructions for the main dish and many traditional sides. >> the butter ball cookbook plus app will help you. in addition to answering questions, there are how to videos and recipes. the app responds to voice command so chefs can avoid smudges on the screen. you are now clicked in. all right we'll take a quick break more here on the morning news. we want to remind you catch a new dr. phil after the morning news at 10:00. the episode is entitled unbearable in laws. her in laws will not accept her because she is white and her
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husband is african-american. her husband is caught in the middle. can dr. phil bring peace? don't miss the episode after the morning news at 10 a.m.
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we're back at 6:56. you are looking at what could be the mother lode on the newspaper. that's the arizona daily star in tucson. they have a special addition running today that's 870 pages thick. what is that? it is a shopping guide. and the stores and it ways about 5 pounds. people are talking around with this trying to get downtown. and it is the biggest paper of the year for the outlet. 870 pages. incredible.
6:58 am
we're going to take a break here at 6:57. when we come back, volunteers are serving up meals and to the less fortunate. that's out of glide memorial. protests at the largest retailer. you could be seeing striking workers as you go out trying to take advantage of black friday sales. where and plus a ceasefire appears to be holding in the middle east but it is shaky. we'll have updates coming up.
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